The feeling.. is it wrong?

There are times when you love to do things to make someone happy and instead of bringing happiness you make them angry. Is it wrong to think of someone’s happiness. Is it wrong to go that further mile to bring a smile on someone’s face.

There are times when you feel like you are troubling people around you. You feel that people who are close to you are suffering seeing you suffer. Is it wrong to feel this way. Is it wrong to try to not to make them suffer? 
There are times when you are sad about something. Is it necessary to fake happiness when you cannot? Is it important to laugh and cry from within.

There are times when you break down and cry aloud. Is it wrong to show your feelings? Is it wrong to express what you feel at that moment? Is it wrong to be sensitive?

There are many times everyone of us has felt this feeling that “IS IT WRONG that you are doing?”

It’s difficult to answer – even I am searching for the right answer. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong. But I know this the one who really loves and understands you will surely understand what you feel.


Quote Day 10

Will you be by my side if I #cry

Will you be by my side if I #die

Will you be there to hold my #hand if I #fall

Will you be there besides me if I am #alone

Will you be there for me coz I will be there for you #forever 

– For everyone near and dear 🙂